About BabyCakes

BabyCakes offers a useful gift cakes in various sizes and made ​​from a variety of fine products. 

The company aims to create the perfect gift for the mother and the newborn, while ensuring the highest quality , presentation and personal service.

The products in our packages are designed and manufactured specifically for the brand and are of superior quality and clean modern design.




BabyCakes also offers luxurious gifts for special occasions that are meticulously designed.

Gifts arrive by courier on the same day or within 24-48 hours to any office or hospital or home by region (see shipping calculator).

We are always designing and developing new produdcts, you are invited to view the latest selection on our website.

BabyCakes love to always be in touch with customers to learn their changing needs, we would love to hear from you!

Corporate customers can create and customize a variety of special packages for employees and customers. We are happy to find the perfect gift for your budget!

The idea to create a cake shaped gift began from a great love for young infants. The concept became a hit immediately with launchcing and has since evolved into more family gifts,

special events and the corportate market. BabyCakes was established in 2006 by Lihi Salman Shabtai, then a new immigrant from Canada and has graduated with a bacholer of design degree (Bdes).

Lihi continues to design the products and packes herself with all the detail and love constantly thinking about the joy of giving and receiving gifts.

According to Lihi, the greatest pleasure is when the recipient uses the products, enjoys them and decides to become a customer and give a BabyCake to someone they love!



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